Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our New Gadget

My dad and mom bought us a new 19 inch LG flatform monitor and a HP Pavilion a6600f PC because we have decided to send our old pc to my grandparents back home. The programs and applications work fast smooth, and the chassis are nice and sleek. This is very important to us because it helps to simplify life.

Through this gadget, we have a chance to communicate with our friends and family back home easy, fast and effecient.We can read/send emails quickly, play games, watch video clips and etc. Computer is a valuable educational tool not only for entertainment but also we can gather a lot of informations both sensitive and insensitive issues in the world.

Everytime i surf and play on the computer, i can forget my problems and concentrate solely on my capabilities. Instead of staring out by the window watching the world go by without doing anything, i can travel, shop and go to the cinema all in the same day. Now, that's what i call "progress" because of the adavancement of technology.


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