Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tennis is my favorite sport ever

Last January 2008 i'd been trying out to be a tennis player in my school but unluckily i was not able to join a team coz i was not good as they were. Our Coach told me that i need some more practice before i can get a team. Back then, i was very dissappointed but still very interested to play tennis. Everytime my mom gets a day off i always ask her to go to the tennis court for a practice but then she always refused coz she needs rest for herself too. Especially now that she's going back to school the more pressures and stressful life she got. She always does a lot of homeworks and i know it is never been fun. So i just leave her alone. Right now i am hopeless that i can go a practice with her.

I have planned to enroll for a tennis lesson but i don't have time to do it either. So i'll just wait for the right time for me. Anyways, i am still young and there's a lot of time coming into my life. For me, "tennis lesson" is incredibly valuable. I think it brings me incredible joy and it provides me to learn intimate details of how the physical universe works in terms of force and energy, and how a human interacts with those forces and energies in tennis. Even the Zone, where a player experiences time in a different dimension, slowing down the perception of the ball, is something achievable. And it is fun and amazing to play like that. You feel calm, even when you are moving at top speeds.

I know, inorder for me to be a good tennis player must begin in the learning or developing stages, but following Oscar Wegner's drills and mechanics from a beginner to pro, and play more like a pro, moving with ease, stroking with feel, power and more control. These principles work for any levels of play and yet very effective.

Here's the picture of my favorite female tennis player Maria Sharapova. I really like her because she is so amazing and dynamic player. I am her number one fan.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prescription glasses

I'm short sighted since last year , and my parents only knew about it since last month. I can only see things like close up but stuff like writing on the whiteboard i can't see. (yeah...i have bad eyes as you can say). So dad, mom and me go and get my eyes checked before the classes start. Then my Optometrist has determined that i need to wear eye glasses badly. She told me that i need to take 20 steps forward before i can see anything which is seen by anybody who has a perfect vision.
I'm planning to get contact lenses, but i was wondering 'If i start wearing it, will i need to wear it all the time or will my vision goes from bad to worse if i don't wear from time to time? I'm only planning to wear eye glasses when i needed the most.

I would have gotten an eye glasses long time ago but my brother keeps picking me if i wear it i'll look ugly and all. So i keep it secretly from my parents because i'm afraid of the way i look. I remember none of our families back home ( Philippines) whose wearing eye glasses at an early age like me. However it's surprising that most Asians around my age are wearing eye glasses too.

So the first time i put on my eye glasses was so amazing how much i've been missing out on but later on i have adjusted already. I think they make me look smart and feel so much better that i can see far objects. Also i have more schoolworks to be done. So i need them!

Wearing eye glasses is excellent if you need to see subtle body language and facial expressions. There's a whole new world out there that you are seeing less and less of as your eyesight gets worse. Learning to interpret what you see, not to mention the white board is so much more important than appearance.

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school...i hate it but i love because I am SO STINKIN' BUSY and I can never get to update my blogs everyday. I just walked in the door (2:30 pm) and figured I better post now because later I will do my assignments and be in B-E-D. For reals! I can’t even remember the last time I woke up at 5 freakin :30 am! Anyways, my day went really well. I love the first couple days of school. So much fun and exciting especially when i met my old and new friends or classmates.

But there's one word that i can say is TIRED! I am freaking exhausted! You know what? because i need to give a shower and prepare breakfast for my youngest brother Joey. Jasper is the one who will prepare foods for his lunch and put into his lunch bag. When i'm ready to go to school i will get up my mom so that she can bring Joey to the bus stop. We're assigned to take care of him because my mom is tired from her work and she is studying also. So we need to help one another to have a happy and successful life.

At an early age i can say that i am responsible enough to do the chores at home and to take care of my brother. We're all trained to do it back home (Philippines) but since school is here again, i am really exhausted. Another thing which i hate is that, i walk to school everyday. Even it's just a 7 minutes distance by walking but still i feel tired coz i carry those heavy books. It irritates me especially when it rains but i need to fight and struggle. Life's full of trials and challenges inorder to succeed. I believe there's a bright future for those who can survive the hardships in life.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Challenging experiences as a football player

"A young athlete must first learn the skill before he can practice and perfect it."

To get ready for the season or be introduced to football in a NON-CONTACT camp emphasizing skill learning in small groups formed by age, size and experience. Players will learn the basic techniques of blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, running, starts/stops/redirection, and team work, discipline and pride. Learning these proper methods allow the young athlete the time to develop and maximize their ability. Players will learn stretching and agility drills to develop
athletic body. Experienced players get ready to move forward and new players get comfortable with what’s next.

Each of them will receive up to 4 hours of on-the-field practice each day. They will go home a better football player, and they will learn from the very best. They encourage each player to be a more positive, optimistic person. Their philosophy is to "let them have fun" while learning a lot of techniques in playing football!

On the football field, Jasper (my brother) is tough and relentless, but he is also consistent and a patient player. He isn’t very big—probably about 5-foot-4 or so—but he could get in the face of one of his burly defensive linemen, eyes bugging out, chewing out a player for his transgressions.

Jasper could get his point across without the use of profanity. He could scare the daylights out of the most talented and massive young men. He also could use reason to prove his point. As the saying goes, "there were no shortcuts to success, no substitute for hard work".

Their motto is : “No matter what you did the previous Saturday, by Monday it was, ‘Okay, you have to start from scratch. Let’s fall on the ball. Let’s do our bear crawls. Let’s do our monkey rolls. Let’s get down and dirty, and get your hands in the mud.’ We didn’t change our practice habits or his way of coaching.”
go Jasper! go Jasper! go Jasper! We're so proud of you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Badminton is a great game to play

I love to play badminton especially in the summer time. Me and my brothers playing outside almost everyday in the summer. It is a game I really enjoy and so I will play it with anyone who is willing. Once summer comes it doesn't really seem like summer until I get to play some badminton. The game of badminton is a fun and relaxing game and if you are playing at a party it can be even more fun. It is a lot like tennis but i can play badminton in our own back yard. We don't need go to a tennis court to play and we can play in between chores. The badminton court is much like a tennis court except the net is high up and the court is a flat grassy surface.Badminton is played with rackets that look a lot like tennis rackets but they are more delicate. They have a net that sits high above the ground and a ball that is called a bird or shuttle cock. The bird or shuttle cock has a small rubber half a ball on the end and it fans out with feathers to help it to fly.
A badminton court has a net in the center that stretches from side to side. On each side of the net is a square for the players to play in. The players try to hit the bird or shuttle cock over the net so the players on the other side have to hit it or miss it. If they miss it then the players who didn't miss it get a point.It is ideal to play badminton with four people but you can play one on one as well. You serve the bird or shuttle cock so that it goes over the net and the person or people on the other side of the net try to hit the bird or shuttle cock so it goes back to you without going out of bounds. Each side of the net has a square that the team mates play in and if the bird or shuttle cock lands on the outside of the boundary with out being touched by the opposing team then it is out of bounds.If the bird or shuttle cock goes out of bounds then the team that hit the bird or shuttle cock over the net gets a point. It is a game that takes a lot of energy so you get plenty of exercise playing badminton. At a party people can take turns playing and watching people play. At a party you can set up more than one badminton court for people to play and have a badminton tournament. So come on guys, let's play Badminton.

Best Friend

A best Friend is someone that is there for me no matter what and knows me better than anyone else and i can tell her anything both sensitive and insensitive issues in my life. She can keep secrets and never back stab me. I would describe my best friend as a true friend, trustworthy, generous, smart, sharing, loving, caring, understanding and can depend on.

I can tell my best friend anything without her judging me. She'll give me her suggestions on certain matters but doesn't get mad if i choose my own. When I'm down she's there to lift me up and when I'm up she's there to join me in my happiness. She likes me for the kind of person I am and accepts my imperfections just as I accept her for being her.

A true friend is someone who listens no matter what and never interrupts but is always there to make me smile at the toughest times in my life. Even if everyone else is mad at me but she's always on my side. I can say anything to her and i won't get awkward. We can trust each other unconditionally. Though, there are times that we have misunderstandings but we're always apologize each other and settle the dispute before getting worse. I can say that Friends are everywhere but true friends are rare.
So I promise you Leeann Laird to always treasure our friendship. I am so lucky to have you as a true friend. I love you forever dear.

Delicious dinner!!!

I'm with everyone else -- gotta really jack up the flavors with tilapia! I had a good dinner yesterday because my mom baked a whole tilapia and she sauteed some green beans too. She just lightly dust with seasoned salt, garlic powder and put small sliced tomatoes and onions inside. Reserve the fish in a warm oven without toppings. Just as simple as it was but the taste was so good and sooo yummy. She got a chance to cooked a whole tilapia yesterday coz my dad wasn't there. He's so afraid of the fish head when it is served at the table. He thinks the fish is looking at him and he said that's too gross especially when i sucked the eyes and the brain of the fish head. mmmm thats my favorite. My dad sounds so funny but for me it's so yummy and it feels like i'm in the mediterranean heaven everytime i have it. The tilapia looks wonderful! It's so delicious and so nutritious. So great and affordable to everyone's pocket. diba?

When i was a little girl i never eat string beans but now im crazy of it. My mom simply sauted the fresh onions, garlic, green pepper and tomato then the green beans. No artificial seasoning or flavoring added but it's so delicious and more nutritious. Really love the native Philippine style.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back-to-school supplies

Back-to-school” is almost like a season all of its own. Parents and students are rushing to grocery stores and office stores to find the best back-to-school supplies. Meanwhile, many of the best back-to-school supplies are already sold out or mixed into the wrong piles. Here are some tips for helping you shop for back-to-school-supplies.

• Most importantly, do not wait for the last moment. There are many back-to-school supplies that you can buy for your child long before school starts. You know that your child is going to need basics like: Pencils,Pens,Paper,Notebooks,Backpack,Pencil bag, crayons, papers, notebooks

• Before you go out and buy all brand new back-to-school supplies, see what you can dig up at home. Very likely you may have some perfectly good pencils, notebooks, pens, and other supplies at home. They may not be brand new, but they will work.

• If your child insists on getting a new backpack but his old one is in perfectly good condition – suggest sewing patches on it or even painted it with some fabric paint to change it.

•For some supplies, you should wait until the teacher says that your child needs them. If your child’s teacher never mentions any necessary back-to-school supplies, ask. Find out what kinds of back-to-school supplies your child will need for the year.

• Consider buying notebooks made out of recycled paper and other products that are made with mother earth in mind. Students go through a ton of back-to-school supplies a year – make sure that you help eliminate the problem of waste.-Do not buy more back to school supplies than your child needs – and if you do, be sure to save them and use them the next year.-If your child “brown bags it” every day, consider invested in a fun lunch pail or a cloth sack to cut down on waste. Or, at least, reuse brown paper bags for an entire week of lunches.

• Do not forget that back-to-school supplies can also include shoes and clothing! Children grow up quickly, and this fact really shows when they put on last year’s back-to-school clothing and it does not fit.

My mom is so wise and she always do these every school year. Most of the children don't like to use their old ones but we must be practical at this time especially now that everything is going high. Everyone must save!!! We must save every single penny in our pocket.

My favorite footwear

I live in FL, and i wear flip-flops most of the year. I don't have injuries or back or leg problems with them. I do wear a pair that has a bit of an arch support in them, rather than being totally flat, which helps, I think, but I’m not going to give them up anytime soon. They are way more comfortable (and cooler!!) than athletic shoes.

I know I am just one person, but I love flip-flops and don’t have a problem wearing them all day, especially good brand like this, simple, and comfortable (my new favorite). I do like to wear flip flops rather than sneakers. They look comfy! I’ve come to realize that my feet require good shoes.

So walking my 15 minutes walk to the school, should I wear flip flops or heels??…. it’s a no brainer. Most shoes today are terrible for your feet, unless you spend some big bucks, and even then, often they are still terrible, especially for women. That's why people target the comfy flip-flop.

I wear flip-flops almost every single day and have never had a foot/ankle/leg problem of any kind. It’s just like anything else. Everyone is different. Put me in a pair of "2 0r 3 inches″ heels and pointy toes and I’m going to be in excruciating pain. Give me flip-flops and I’m comfortable.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun! Swimming @ d Pool

Pools are awesome! What could be better than a dip in the pool and fun in the sun? But remember a pool's sides and bottom are usually made of concrete, a rock-hard material. A slip or fall could be painful and dangerous.

Have you seen those big numbers painted on the side of the pool? Those are called depth markers — they tell you how deep the water is at that point. You should always look before you jump into a pool. You should also only dive off the diving board. Never dive off the side of the pool unless an adult says that the water is deep enough. The water may be shallower than you think. If you hit the bottom . . . ouch! You might get knocked out or you could hurt your neck very badly

Professional swimmers enjoy the water just like everyone else. The one exception is that they crave being in the water and enjoy nothing more than a good, rigorous swim. Many of us can remember when we were younger and we could spend hours upon hours swimming in the pool without feeling an ounce of muscle pain the next day. This is because being submerged in the water has a great way of cushioning our joints and protecting our bones.

Swimming is a very effective physical exercise. It is one activity that is refreshing to both body and mind. It also helps to burn calories, lose weight, relax body and refresh the mind. I really LOVE swimming and I've been learning how to swim for almost 2 years now,but I can't swim very well because I am not strong enough... I want to stay in shape that's why i love swimming...mmmmm love it...soooo fantastic!!!

I really enjoy hanging out with my family swimming at the pool not only at the beach. For me, it is safer to go swimming at the pool because we can determine if it is deep or shallow. ryt diba? Toooo muchhhh funnn swimming at the pool.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

So much fun at summertime

The warm weather's upon us, and you know what that means: It's fun and sun and whining time! Just doesn't feel like summer until we hit the surf and sand at the beach.
The beach! mmmmm love it!!! There we can see the beautiful green blue waters, sound of the crashing waves, warm sand, sea shells, parasailing, boats floating at the ocean, jetski riders,kite flying, birds flying and etc. I like it so much because i can get to walk , have more spaces to swim and nice to hang out with my family everytime my mom and dad get a day off from work. I feel more relaxing and the fresh air makes my nerve calmed. I really love swimming at the beach because I think the waves make it fun and it's nice to be able to lay out on the sand and enjoy the beauty of nature. What more could i want? mmm so cool even it's hot...diba?

It's really nice to live nearby the beach. It's just a walking distance from our home but sometimes we will drive more than 25 miles just to explore and experience another beaches. We have experienced the heavy traffic bumper to bumper and everyone was trying to reached each others destinations. The heat of the sun doesn't matter to us because we are always thinking the fun that we have. Beach is so amazing for me and i adore it so much...
We may be being possessed of free will who can leave the beach any time we want, thus improving everyone else's beach experience, but it wouldn't surprise me if we stay all day. Summer days like this were meant for kicking back, chillaxing, and loudly airing grievances about any little thing that happens to cross our radar. And when the sun sets, we'll ignore its timeless beauty completely in favor of griping about everything from the sunburns we could have easily prevented by using all kinds of sunscreen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Cellphone

Long time ago i've been always asking to have one from my mom but she always told me that it can be a monumental waste of time and also one good reason she said was i am still young. Endless hours of yakking to friends means hours not spent doing something more worthwhile. The beauty of this argument is quite simple. It does not matter how old you are, we live in a time where technology rules majority of the world. Thanks God she understands me and she purchased one for me last July 25, 2008. Was it a great blessing? So happy when our dreams and desires come true. diba?

Cellphones are attached in commerce as well as our daily living. Before, these are considered as luxury items but now it is a must have for everybody. We should always have a cellphone for a better communication with our friends and folks as well as important announcements and for emergency situations.

Cellphones are like computers which can be used to do some internet functions. It can also organize my time; it has calendars and every single thing i wanna record. It also features listings, list of missed calls and caller IDs. I can check my emails everyday by not using our computer because we only have one. We're always taking turns before i can use our computer. But now i don't bother them anymore because i can use my cell to check my emails. I love my Samsung M300 sooo muchhhh...

My MP3 Player

First of all I would like to say that I am as happy as I could possibly be with my MP3 player. It works as well as I expected. There are lots of music that i have now downloaded and at least 25 pictures and several videos. The ear buds that come with this model are terrific too! They are comfortable and the sound is amazing. The display is big and crisp. Both video and pictures look great! This thing's almost perfect. The sound quality, in a word, is breathtaking.

I should say this is the best gift that i have ever had. I got this from my mom and dad last December 2007. It has a reasonable price, and I did not want the hassle of iPod's propriety technology. I have in general been pleased by the player, I cannot stress its sound quality, which is enhanced with the comfortable high-quality ear buds. The drag-and-drop feature allows me to quickly put files and folders (with sub-directories) on it, and the controls on...

Whenever i'm bored i just turn on my MP3 player and enjoying the rhythm of the songs that i have on it. Thanks God for giving me a good life.

My Stuffed Toys Collection

Play is universal and cross-cultural. Though it may vary among cultures and generations, it's clearly instinctive and a key part of our development. A child's play is his way of learning about himself and his world. Play opens the door to a child's imagination. Some of our fondest memories from childhood are recollections of time spent playing with special people and favorite toys.

Especially as they approach their teens, children want to impress their peers and leave 'childish' toys behind. Stuffed toys in general, are only for young collectors in this age group. However, there are variations on stuffed toys i might do better with. For example: tweety, frog, monkey, bunny, bear, Mr. crab and etc. I'm enjoying their company so much because i can talk to them if i have problems. Maybe you can think that i'm going crazy for talking those silly collections. Yes i know that they could not talk but they will listen at me and i couldn't hear back about their
reactions. At least i can express myself to them. ryt diba? They are also my guardian angels watching me while i'm sleeping. I love these collections.

My Accessories...

Pretty is fine, but not hot - I know you want to look nice for school and to flirt with boys. That's fine, but I think - and my guy friends agree, natural is better - especially with asian women. I'll tell you a secret :The whole thing american men like about asian girls is that we look innocent and young to them - so try playing that up - look innocent and then i will be more of a flirt! Since i am 14 I started wearing some mascara and lip gloss - black mascara for me and maybe a nice mauve lip gloss. Also, i could use a cover stick when i have break outs.I like up do's - like a nice curly pony tail or messy bun. I do look nice and still be yourself! isn't it right?
Everyone puts their hair up once in a while, and while we don’t think much of it, ponytails can actually harm your hair. Here’s why!

Unfortunately, those cute pigtails and pink-flowered hair pins we wore as little girls aren’t all that friendly if you wear them as an adult, especially if you’ve already got thin or fragile locks. Not only do we lose hair as we age, we weaken it with daily blow drying and other forms of torture (perms, highlights, curling irons, etc…).

I really want to avoid barrettes whenever possible, because they tend to catch hair and break it at the root. They also put tension on the root, making it stretch, and therefore more vulnerable to breakage. But i can't avoid to use it sometimes kay stubborn man gud ko. I also likes to use headbands.
Painting my nails is a big issue because my mom won't like it for me. She said, i am too young to do it but i can see my classmates wearing different colors everyday. Thanks God my dad is so good and he gave me what i want.

Since i lived in the humid state i need to use a lotion every morning and before bedtime. That makes me feel comfy and feels good; soft and smooth to touch...mmm so fresh. diba?