Friday, July 18, 2008

My happy and sad experiences

I was born in Ozamis city, Philippines on January 10, 1994. I am the second child in the family. I can feel all the attention and care were given to me. They always told me that I was their little angel sent by God. I also felt I was my dad’s favorite child and I treasure that forever. We were living in a complete harmony inspite the fact that we’re not having a sheltered life but my parents were striving hard inorder to meet our daily needs. After 5 years we moved to the hometown of my mom in Maranding, Lala, Lanao Del Norte to pursue her college degree at North Central Mindanao College since my dad couldn’t afford anymore the high tuition fees at Misamis University. Back then, our harmonious relationship goes on while my dad working in Ozamis City and my mom continued her studies as well. He went home every weekends and sometimes every other weekends. It depends on his schedule but my mom was happy and contented because he was a very responsible, loving, caring and sweet husband.

I started going to school on June 1999 as a kindergarten at Maranding Central Elementary School. Fortunately, I got a crown as the 1st princess during the Valentines Day celebration year 2000 in the school. My proud parents were very happy and contented. The happiness goes on when my mom graduated in college. We were very proud of her because she made it through even she was a hands on mom and a full time student. Though sometimes our lives were not perfect, there were always the ups and downs because of our finances but still my parents were trying to managed so that they can give us a good and happy life. Then all of a sudden the town Councilor of Lala came to our house with his wife informing our mom that my father got accident. I still remember it was August 29, 2001 at 6:45 in the morning while me and my older brother having our breakfast. It was few minutes after; she arrived home from the bus station after sending off my grandma heading for Davao. She sat down at the sofa and watched the TV. Our innocent faces were very confused of what was really happened. I was still in grade 2 and my brother was in grade 3. We didn’t really know what all was about because my mom couldn’t talk for few minutes. We went to her and hugged her so tight and asked her what was really happened until she screamed very loud that made our neighbors triggered and went over our house. But still we didn’t know yet about the sad news. My mom was really shocked for few minutes. She couldn’t talk. All we heard was her screamed and saw the waters coming from her eyes. I and my brother were crying also as loud as her. Our neighbors were really confused of what was really happened. Until she finally talked in a trembling voice that my father was killed of an ambushed. So our neighbors tuned in their radio and heard the news about the incident. They have heard the name of my father as one of the victims but it was never said that he was killed. Our neighbors were trying to comfort her and told her not to take any impulsive reactions. Who knows my dad was only injured and was confined in the hospital. Unknowingly, my mom already knew that my dad’s body was already at Gamalinda Funeral Homes in Ozamis but still she couldn’t tell us about that. So after an hour my mom told us and it was already confirmed that my dad’s body was at the Gamalinda Funeral Homes and waiting her presence in a way they can embalm his body. It was really a traumatic incident that had happen in my family. I felt it was the lowest and saddest times of my life. At a young age I already know how hard to lose somebody especially a father.

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i was so touched of your bloggings..i got watery eyes while reading your blogs..hope u have moved on