Friday, July 18, 2008

Part 2 of my happy and sad experiences

This is a good site that I can escape from my happy and sad experiences. It depends on the readers if they will judge or criticize me. Absolutely, I don’t really care as long as I can express myself. Anyways, there’s no other perfect in this world except God. So I will continue on relating about my happy and sad experiences.

Part 2:
The friends and relatives of my dad were already there at the funeral home when we arrived. They were all waiting for our arrival so that the embalmer can start embalming his body. My mom wanted to get inside the morgue but she was very weak and fell on the floor before she gets nearer. She couldn’t afford to witness the helpless body of my dad. My heart was really broke at that time. I felt so sorry about his sudden death and felt so sorry of my mom as well. She couldn’t accept that we lose a father. She didn’t know what to do because she was jobless and totally dependant to my dad. I saw how miserable she was and very confused what to do after the interment. She was always crying day and night and didn’t get enough sleep. I couldn’t afford to see my mom who was in deep sorrow. So I always entertained myself by playing my friends and cousins. You know, during the moment of his burial my mom was confined to the hospital. She fell down on the ground before my dad buried into his grave. It was really a great intense of sorrow and losing her capabilities to face the fact. Though her family and friends were always there to comfort her but deep in her mind and heart she couldn’t survive raising her 2 children and was 2 months pregnant at that time. It was a tragic experienced in my family.

We moved back to Ozamis, and then my mom worked at the Ozamis City Hall thru the aid of my dad’s employer. Aside from that she was engaged in different types of business inorder to sustain the needs of our family. Luckily, my uncle’s mom was helping her financially sometimes and then emotionally and spiritually supported by her mother. After 7 months my mom gave birth with a baby boy at the emergency hospital Ozamis. He brought us joy and happiness to our family. He was a very cute little angel who was sent by God as a replacement of my dad. Pero sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana at hindi pa niya binigay ang lubos na kaligayahan para sa aming lahat kasi after 2 days my brother was hit by a L300 van and was confined at Medina hospital by a 50/50 chances to live. We kept it secretly to my mom because we knew that she will be shocked again. After 5 days my mom back home and still didn’t know about my brother. When the niece of my dad came over to our house and she asked my mom of what’s her plans about the driver who hit my brother? She was shocked again, and then she screamed like when she knew that my father was killed. Fortunately, thanks God he survived and my mom talked to him on the phone. So my mom came down and trying to be brave because of us.

After 2 months we moved back to the place of my mom because she couldn’t afford to pay a nanny for my little brother. Then she continued her business (buy and sell) and then luckily she passed the licensure examination for teachers on August 2002. So by then we were happy again.


mysterywoman said...

i know it's really hard to accept the reality but i know God has good plans in your family. just pray always and trust the Lord.

nice said...

naa naman lage nag comment dre ga...

faye said...

god has so much plan for us.
something happen in purpose.