Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prescription glasses

I'm short sighted since last year , and my parents only knew about it since last month. I can only see things like close up but stuff like writing on the whiteboard i can't see. (yeah...i have bad eyes as you can say). So dad, mom and me go and get my eyes checked before the classes start. Then my Optometrist has determined that i need to wear eye glasses badly. She told me that i need to take 20 steps forward before i can see anything which is seen by anybody who has a perfect vision.
I'm planning to get contact lenses, but i was wondering 'If i start wearing it, will i need to wear it all the time or will my vision goes from bad to worse if i don't wear from time to time? I'm only planning to wear eye glasses when i needed the most.

I would have gotten an eye glasses long time ago but my brother keeps picking me if i wear it i'll look ugly and all. So i keep it secretly from my parents because i'm afraid of the way i look. I remember none of our families back home ( Philippines) whose wearing eye glasses at an early age like me. However it's surprising that most Asians around my age are wearing eye glasses too.

So the first time i put on my eye glasses was so amazing how much i've been missing out on but later on i have adjusted already. I think they make me look smart and more...lol..I feel so much better that i can see far objects. Also i have more schoolworks to be done. So i need them!

Wearing eye glasses is excellent if you need to see subtle body language and facial expressions. There's a whole new world out there that you are seeing less and less of as your eyesight gets worse. Learning to interpret what you see, not to mention the white board is so much more important than appearance.


Stev&Emz said...

hahaha.. you look ok sis. dont mind your brother he is just lack of attention. i do to have my glasses but i dont wear them that much, only if im driving coz i look like miss tilapia. hahaha.. u know her? teacher enemy #1. lol. yeah i would look like a teacher if i wear one. badtrip nga. anyhow i would be happy to link u up. i got 2 blogs http://jazanotherday.com and http://stevemzhemme.blogspot.com . i will link u up in both of my blogs. :)

meia2 said...

hehe, pareho tayo pero yung sakin mababa lang grado. :)

justine said...

thank u all so much guys..love u all