Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school...i hate it but i love it..lol...why??? because I am SO STINKIN' BUSY and I can never get to update my blogs everyday. I just walked in the door (2:30 pm) and figured I better post now because later I will do my assignments and be in B-E-D. For reals! I can’t even remember the last time I woke up at 5 freakin :30 am! Anyways, my day went really well. I love the first couple days of school. So much fun and exciting especially when i met my old and new friends or classmates.

But there's one word that i can say is TIRED! I am freaking exhausted! You know what? because i need to give a shower and prepare breakfast for my youngest brother Joey. Jasper is the one who will prepare foods for his lunch and put into his lunch bag. When i'm ready to go to school i will get up my mom so that she can bring Joey to the bus stop. We're assigned to take care of him because my mom is tired from her work and she is studying also. So we need to help one another to have a happy and successful life.

At an early age i can say that i am responsible enough to do the chores at home and to take care of my brother. We're all trained to do it back home (Philippines) but since school is here again, i am really exhausted. Another thing which i hate is that, i walk to school everyday. Even it's just a 7 minutes distance by walking but still i feel tired coz i carry those heavy books. It irritates me especially when it rains but i need to fight and struggle. Life's full of trials and challenges inorder to succeed. I believe there's a bright future for those who can survive the hardships in life.

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