Friday, August 1, 2008

My MP3 Player

First of all I would like to say that I am as happy as I could possibly be with my MP3 player. It works as well as I expected. There are lots of music that i have now downloaded and at least 25 pictures and several videos. The ear buds that come with this model are terrific too! They are comfortable and the sound is amazing. The display is big and crisp. Both video and pictures look great! This thing's almost perfect. The sound quality, in a word, is breathtaking.

I should say this is the best gift that i have ever had. I got this from my mom and dad last December 2007. It has a reasonable price, and I did not want the hassle of iPod's propriety technology. I have in general been pleased by the player, I cannot stress its sound quality, which is enhanced with the comfortable high-quality ear buds. The drag-and-drop feature allows me to quickly put files and folders (with sub-directories) on it, and the controls on...

Whenever i'm bored i just turn on my MP3 player and enjoying the rhythm of the songs that i have on it. Thanks God for giving me a good life.

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nice said...

oi,celpone na cya aron katawag cya iya ate jo bantay...heheh