Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tennis is my favorite sport ever

Last January 2008 i'd been trying out to be a tennis player in my school but unluckily i was not able to join a team coz i was not good as they were. Our Coach told me that i need some more practice before i can get a team. Back then, i was very dissappointed but still very interested to play tennis. Everytime my mom gets a day off i always ask her to go to the tennis court for a practice but then she always refused coz she needs rest for herself too. Especially now that she's going back to school the more pressures and stressful life she got. She always does a lot of homeworks and i know it is never been fun. So i just leave her alone. Right now i am hopeless that i can go a practice with her.

I have planned to enroll for a tennis lesson but i don't have time to do it either. So i'll just wait for the right time for me. Anyways, i am still young and there's a lot of time coming into my life. For me, "tennis lesson" is incredibly valuable. I think it brings me incredible joy and it provides me to learn intimate details of how the physical universe works in terms of force and energy, and how a human interacts with those forces and energies in tennis. Even the Zone, where a player experiences time in a different dimension, slowing down the perception of the ball, is something achievable. And it is fun and amazing to play like that. You feel calm, even when you are moving at top speeds.

I know, inorder for me to be a good tennis player must begin in the learning or developing stages, but following Oscar Wegner's drills and mechanics from a beginner to pro, and play more like a pro, moving with ease, stroking with feel, power and more control. These principles work for any levels of play and yet very effective.

Here's the picture of my favorite female tennis player Maria Sharapova. I really like her because she is so amazing and dynamic player. I am her number one fan.

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Fred said...

Great!! I love to play tennis and recently got new racquets from Sports Authority... I also got ball machine from here!!