Friday, August 1, 2008

My Stuffed Toys Collection

Play is universal and cross-cultural. Though it may vary among cultures and generations, it's clearly instinctive and a key part of our development. A child's play is his way of learning about himself and his world. Play opens the door to a child's imagination. Some of our fondest memories from childhood are recollections of time spent playing with special people and favorite toys.

Especially as they approach their teens, children want to impress their peers and leave 'childish' toys behind. Stuffed toys in general, are only for young collectors in this age group. However, there are variations on stuffed toys i might do better with. For example: tweety, frog, monkey, bunny, bear, Mr. crab and etc. I'm enjoying their company so much because i can talk to them if i have problems. Maybe you can think that i'm going crazy for talking those silly collections. Yes i know that they could not talk but they will listen at me and i couldn't hear back about their
reactions. At least i can express myself to them. ryt diba? They are also my guardian angels watching me while i'm sleeping. I love these collections.


nice said...

hehe toys,hatag nya na ni kiah dae ha?hehejoke lang...naa ko daghan dre padala sa mga bata sa pinas,hay lipay tawon cla..

Meia said...

nice. ang dami nila. :)