Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Delicious dinner!!!

I'm with everyone else -- gotta really jack up the flavors with tilapia! I had a good dinner yesterday because my mom baked a whole tilapia and she sauteed some green beans too. She just lightly dust with seasoned salt, garlic powder and put small sliced tomatoes and onions inside. Reserve the fish in a warm oven without toppings. Just as simple as it was but the taste was so good and sooo yummy. She got a chance to cooked a whole tilapia yesterday coz my dad wasn't there. He's so afraid of the fish head when it is served at the table. He thinks the fish is looking at him and he said that's too gross especially when i sucked the eyes and the brain of the fish head. mmmm thats my favorite. My dad sounds so funny but for me it's so yummy and it feels like i'm in the mediterranean heaven everytime i have it. The tilapia looks wonderful! It's so delicious and so nutritious. So great and affordable to everyone's pocket. diba?

When i was a little girl i never eat string beans but now im crazy of it. My mom simply sauted the fresh onions, garlic, green pepper and tomato then the green beans. No artificial seasoning or flavoring added but it's so delicious and more nutritious. Really love the native Philippine style.


meia said...

hehe, tilapia is my favorite fish. But it's not very popular here in Bacolod. :)

nice said...

dae,naa ko daku kaau tilapia sa fredge,ako raman ko kaon2 isa oi..

treen said...

very tasty. isn't it?