Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun! Swimming @ d Pool

Pools are awesome! What could be better than a dip in the pool and fun in the sun? But remember a pool's sides and bottom are usually made of concrete, a rock-hard material. A slip or fall could be painful and dangerous.

Have you seen those big numbers painted on the side of the pool? Those are called depth markers — they tell you how deep the water is at that point. You should always look before you jump into a pool. You should also only dive off the diving board. Never dive off the side of the pool unless an adult says that the water is deep enough. The water may be shallower than you think. If you hit the bottom . . . ouch! You might get knocked out or you could hurt your neck very badly

Professional swimmers enjoy the water just like everyone else. The one exception is that they crave being in the water and enjoy nothing more than a good, rigorous swim. Many of us can remember when we were younger and we could spend hours upon hours swimming in the pool without feeling an ounce of muscle pain the next day. This is because being submerged in the water has a great way of cushioning our joints and protecting our bones.

Swimming is a very effective physical exercise. It is one activity that is refreshing to both body and mind. It also helps to burn calories, lose weight, relax body and refresh the mind. I really LOVE swimming and I've been learning how to swim for almost 2 years now,but I can't swim very well because I am not strong enough... I want to stay in shape that's why i love swimming...mmmmm love it...soooo fantastic!!!

I really enjoy hanging out with my family swimming at the pool not only at the beach. For me, it is safer to go swimming at the pool because we can determine if it is deep or shallow. ryt diba? Toooo muchhhh funnn swimming at the pool.

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nice said...

weeehhhh,,i can't swim yet.would you teach me..i'm scared of water,i'm scared of deep water and i'm scared to swim..i need help!