Friday, August 1, 2008

My Cellphone

Long time ago i've been always asking to have one from my mom but she always told me that it can be a monumental waste of time and also one good reason she said was i am still young. Endless hours of yakking to friends means hours not spent doing something more worthwhile. The beauty of this argument is quite simple. It does not matter how old you are, we live in a time where technology rules majority of the world. Thanks God she understands me and she purchased one for me last July 25, 2008. Was it a great blessing? So happy when our dreams and desires come true. diba?

Cellphones are attached in commerce as well as our daily living. Before, these are considered as luxury items but now it is a must have for everybody. We should always have a cellphone for a better communication with our friends and folks as well as important announcements and for emergency situations.

Cellphones are like computers which can be used to do some internet functions. It can also organize my time; it has calendars and every single thing i wanna record. It also features listings, list of missed calls and caller IDs. I can check my emails everyday by not using our computer because we only have one. We're always taking turns before i can use our computer. But now i don't bother them anymore because i can use my cell to check my emails. I love my Samsung M300 sooo muchhhh...

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