Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back-to-school supplies

Back-to-school” is almost like a season all of its own. Parents and students are rushing to grocery stores and office stores to find the best back-to-school supplies. Meanwhile, many of the best back-to-school supplies are already sold out or mixed into the wrong piles. Here are some tips for helping you shop for back-to-school-supplies.

• Most importantly, do not wait for the last moment. There are many back-to-school supplies that you can buy for your child long before school starts. You know that your child is going to need basics like: Pencils,Pens,Paper,Notebooks,Backpack,Pencil bag, crayons, papers, notebooks

• Before you go out and buy all brand new back-to-school supplies, see what you can dig up at home. Very likely you may have some perfectly good pencils, notebooks, pens, and other supplies at home. They may not be brand new, but they will work.

• If your child insists on getting a new backpack but his old one is in perfectly good condition – suggest sewing patches on it or even painted it with some fabric paint to change it.

•For some supplies, you should wait until the teacher says that your child needs them. If your child’s teacher never mentions any necessary back-to-school supplies, ask. Find out what kinds of back-to-school supplies your child will need for the year.

• Consider buying notebooks made out of recycled paper and other products that are made with mother earth in mind. Students go through a ton of back-to-school supplies a year – make sure that you help eliminate the problem of waste.-Do not buy more back to school supplies than your child needs – and if you do, be sure to save them and use them the next year.-If your child “brown bags it” every day, consider invested in a fun lunch pail or a cloth sack to cut down on waste. Or, at least, reuse brown paper bags for an entire week of lunches.

• Do not forget that back-to-school supplies can also include shoes and clothing! Children grow up quickly, and this fact really shows when they put on last year’s back-to-school clothing and it does not fit.

My mom is so wise and she always do these every school year. Most of the children don't like to use their old ones but we must be practical at this time especially now that everything is going high. Everyone must save!!! We must save every single penny in our pocket.


Sent said...

yes, we really must save. And I'm glad that I just graduated. :)

Shirley Leigh said...

It’s that time of year, the last few weeks of summer are upon us.  The school supplies are on the store shelves.

justine said...

yeah thats right shirley..thanks for visiting my site..God bless.

nice said...

shalan man balita?nag day off ko from bloggings k sakit ako eyes sa com oi..