Friday, August 1, 2008

My Accessories...

Pretty is fine, but not hot - I know you want to look nice for school and to flirt with boys. That's fine, but I think - and my guy friends agree, natural is better - especially with asian women. I'll tell you a secret :The whole thing american men like about asian girls is that we look innocent and young to them - so try playing that up - look innocent and then i will be more of a flirt! Since i am 14 I started wearing some mascara and lip gloss - black mascara for me and maybe a nice mauve lip gloss. Also, i could use a cover stick when i have break outs.I like up do's - like a nice curly pony tail or messy bun. I do look nice and still be yourself! isn't it right?
Everyone puts their hair up once in a while, and while we don’t think much of it, ponytails can actually harm your hair. Here’s why!

Unfortunately, those cute pigtails and pink-flowered hair pins we wore as little girls aren’t all that friendly if you wear them as an adult, especially if you’ve already got thin or fragile locks. Not only do we lose hair as we age, we weaken it with daily blow drying and other forms of torture (perms, highlights, curling irons, etc…).

I really want to avoid barrettes whenever possible, because they tend to catch hair and break it at the root. They also put tension on the root, making it stretch, and therefore more vulnerable to breakage. But i can't avoid to use it sometimes kay stubborn man gud ko. I also likes to use headbands.
Painting my nails is a big issue because my mom won't like it for me. She said, i am too young to do it but i can see my classmates wearing different colors everyday. Thanks God my dad is so good and he gave me what i want.

Since i lived in the humid state i need to use a lotion every morning and before bedtime. That makes me feel comfy and feels good; soft and smooth to touch...mmm so fresh. diba?

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nice said...

sus daghan rants ning usa.hehehe.hala pagwapa pero no much flirting oi,basin dli ka kahuman sa skul kaw lang..