Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Friend

A best Friend is someone that is there for me no matter what and knows me better than anyone else and i can tell her anything both sensitive and insensitive issues in my life. She can keep secrets and never back stab me. I would describe my best friend as a true friend, trustworthy, generous, smart, sharing, loving, caring, understanding and can depend on.

I can tell my best friend anything without her judging me. She'll give me her suggestions on certain matters but doesn't get mad if i choose my own. When I'm down she's there to lift me up and when I'm up she's there to join me in my happiness. She likes me for the kind of person I am and accepts my imperfections just as I accept her for being her.

A true friend is someone who listens no matter what and never interrupts but is always there to make me smile at the toughest times in my life. Even if everyone else is mad at me but she's always on my side. I can say anything to her and i won't get awkward. We can trust each other unconditionally. Though, there are times that we have misunderstandings but we're always apologize each other and settle the dispute before getting worse. I can say that Friends are everywhere but true friends are rare.
So I promise you Leeann Laird to always treasure our friendship. I am so lucky to have you as a true friend. I love you forever dear.

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