Thursday, August 14, 2008

Challenging experiences as a football player

"A young athlete must first learn the skill before he can practice and perfect it."

To get ready for the season or be introduced to football in a NON-CONTACT camp emphasizing skill learning in small groups formed by age, size and experience. Players will learn the basic techniques of blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, running, starts/stops/redirection, and team work, discipline and pride. Learning these proper methods allow the young athlete the time to develop and maximize their ability. Players will learn stretching and agility drills to develop
athletic body. Experienced players get ready to move forward and new players get comfortable with what’s next.

Each of them will receive up to 4 hours of on-the-field practice each day. They will go home a better football player, and they will learn from the very best. They encourage each player to be a more positive, optimistic person. Their philosophy is to "let them have fun" while learning a lot of techniques in playing football!

On the football field, Jasper (my brother) is tough and relentless, but he is also consistent and a patient player. He isn’t very big—probably about 5-foot-4 or so—but he could get in the face of one of his burly defensive linemen, eyes bugging out, chewing out a player for his transgressions.

Jasper could get his point across without the use of profanity. He could scare the daylights out of the most talented and massive young men. He also could use reason to prove his point. As the saying goes, "there were no shortcuts to success, no substitute for hard work".

Their motto is : “No matter what you did the previous Saturday, by Monday it was, ‘Okay, you have to start from scratch. Let’s fall on the ball. Let’s do our bear crawls. Let’s do our monkey rolls. Let’s get down and dirty, and get your hands in the mud.’ We didn’t change our practice habits or his way of coaching.”
go Jasper! go Jasper! go Jasper! We're so proud of you.


Meia said...

when i read the title i thought you were the football player. :)

nice said...

yeyyyy! go j-boy......look so tough huh! so proud of u too...

anyway,was here peeking on you guys!I am still in sick leave from blogging and wont be around for awhile but I get keep checking you guys out see whats new.

hey ya'll!I heard there is a hurricane hunting around fl. is it gonna be far from you guys?pray u're all safe.keep checkin me out too,will you?miss you and kisses....muah.

and oh,gurl,you write so wonderfully.You've got alot of vocabulary I never used before..hehe.I will get some resource from you regardz...

Stev&Emz said...

haha.. ang payat nya para maging football player. usually kasi ang nakikita kong football player are all meaty hehehe.. but he looks ok with his uniform. =) just passing thru..

justine said...

thank u all so much u all